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Mission Freedom

Ending Global Injustice Through Local Action

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Justice is done best together.

IJM has brought relief to more than 18,000 men, women and children since 2004 and has protected countless more. You, too, can bring freedom to victims of injustice around the world. Start a Mission:Freedom Taskforce.

What is Mission: Freedom?

Mission:Freedom is IJM Australia’s chief programme for those wishing to volunteer. Following in the tradition of abolitionists like William Wilberforce, Mission:Freedom aims to create local groups within Australia to eradicate the greater global issue of injustice. Wilberforce’s Clapham Sect was a group of reformers who met together in the nineteenth century to bring about liberation to victims of the transatlantic slave trade.

The Clapham Sect prayed together, raised awareness and campaigned and, as a result, they brought about the abolition of the slave trade and saw the lives of victims transformed within their lifetimes.

Likewise, Mission:Freedom encourages volunteers to become agents that will help stop modern-day slavery and injustice, by providing a practical, tangible way for volunteers to engage with justice both locally and globally.

Volunteers do this by joining with others as a Taskforce, either in their church, local community, workplace or university, to support the work of IJM.