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Who is a Justice Advocate?

You are inspired by IJM’s vision to join with the God of Justice to rescue thousands, protect millions and prove that justice for the poor is possible.

You want to act, pray, speak up, fundraise, campaign on behalf of those suffering violent oppression in the contexts in which you live and have influence, employing the gifts and passions God has given you.

Justice Advocates are people who do this with IJM in a voluntary capacity. Justice Advocates come from all walks of life but they are united in God’s call to seek justice.

Why does IJM have Justice Advocates?

Justice Advocates are instrumental in praying and raising tens of thousands of dollars to fund IJM’s anti sex trafficking work among minors in Cebu, the Philippines.

IJM’s vision is big: rescue thousands, protect millions and prove that justice for the poor is possible. God’s vision of justice – setting his world right – is greater still. God’s plan A is His people. There is no plan B. IJM’s work in its field offices through out the world needs support: prayer and finances. Justice Advocates raise both. IJM Australia’s work of rallying Australians to seek justice greatly needs people willing to champion this cause in their contexts. Justice Advocates make the vision of mobilizing millions into this work of justice possible.

What do Justice Advocates do?

Justice Advocates are active in all walks of life raising awareness, funds and prayer in their companies, their churches, whatever their context about the work of IJM in protecting the poor from violence.

Typically, Justice Advocates work together. Justice Advocates gather other abolitionists into Mission:Freedom Taskforces. Mission:Freedom Taskforces are groups of IJM supporters around Australia who work together to bring freedom to victims of violent oppression. Mission:Freedom Taskforces is designed to provide supporters with a clear, structured and practical way to seek justice for the poor and vulnerable around the world. See “Start a Mission:Freedom Taskforce” for more information.