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Our Model

Justice System Transformation

We don’t stop at rescuing people after they have been abused. Our ultimate goal is to prevent the violence from happening in the first place.

Our unique model to drive maximum-impact, long-term change through all our work is called Justice System Transformation.

We partner with local governments and communities to meet both urgent and long-term needs.
The result? Powerful changes that protect the poor from violence.


Explore the 3 phases of Justice System Transformation:


Collaborative Casework

We partner with local authorities to rescue individual victims of a specific crime, bring criminals to justice and restore survivors.

As we take on individual cases, we also work to strengthen the justice system. Collaborative Casework gives us the opportunity to:

- Provide hands-on mentoring and training that strengthens the justice system.

- Discover the specific problems in the justice system that leave poor people vulnerable to violence.

System Reform

We continue Collaborative Casework and launch intense, collaborative projects that aim to dramatically improve the justice system’s response to the targeted crime.

We use what we have learned through scores of individual cases to design projects that will help fix what is most broken in the justice system. At the end of Phase 2, our goal is to demonstrate that:

- The justice system’s ability to protect vulnerable people from the targeted crime has substantially improved.

- Those improvements have contributed to a reduction in the prevalence of the crime.

Sustain Gains

We monitor and evaluate results and continue to support our local government partners.

The justice system can now be counted on to effectively protect poor people from the targeted form of violence.