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Our Solution

In nearly 20 communities throughout the developing world, IJM protects the poor from violence by partnering with local authorities to:


Rescue Victims

32,000 people relieved from oppression since 2004

We partner with local law enforcement to go into brothels, slave facilities and other dark places to rescue victims.


Bring Criminals to Justice

1200+ criminals convicted for violence against the poor since 2004

We relentlessly pursue justice in court. We ensure that traffickers, slave owners, rapists and other criminals are brought to justice.


Restore Survivors

3700+ aftercare participants currently receiving services

We help survivors of violence rebuild their lives. We create individual plans to help meet each survivor’s specific needs, including trauma counselling, job skills training and education.


Strengthen Justice Systems

79% drop in availability of children for commercial sex in one city.

We provide training and support to police, judges, prosecutors and justice system authorities. We advocate for reform that will keep the poor safe from being victimised.